innovation5 technologies began, as many great companies do, in a basement. It was there in 2004 where owner and president John Gerdes drew from his experience and history to put together his vision for a great technology support company. Soon, a vision of combining excellent customer service, top-notch technical ability, and appreciation for technology’s role in today’s business world was born and in early 2005, innovation5 technologies was launched.

At innovation5 technologies, we understand that technology needs to conform to the needs of business rather than business conforming to technology. We work with business owners and leaders to take the frustration and pain out of technology and make it an asset to their business.

Our approach to technology is a proactive one. We have seen firsthand the frustrations of reactive support, and we set out to follow our desire for exceptional service by implementing technology support within an IT managed services framework."

Therefore our Mission Statement has been from the beginning:

"To create innovative and effective technology solutions that invisibly and proactively contribute to the success of the organization and its people."